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Located at the most central point in London, Quiet Coffee is a values based, independent cafe, in the heart of Charing Cross, moments away from the landmark sites of London’s West End. 

Conceived in 2020, with a desire to create a 'Quiet place' on the high street, the cafe has since developed to draw on a wide range of influences, held together by a continuing focus on service and quality, in a laid back environment. 



Quiet Coffee Cafe Charing Cross


Located outside the entrance to Charing Cross Station, our site is tucked away from the hustle and bustle of London's West End, and we are open to all.

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Serving specialty coffee from acclaimed London roasters, Square Mile.

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We exist to provide the option of a Quiet alternative on the high street, for anyone who needs or wants it.

From our location, to interiors inspired by biophylic design, and a culture of 'quiet', we aim to blend mental wellbeing with the high street, delivering great coffee, food, and hospitality on the way.

Support our Quiet purpose by visiting us in Charing Cross or contact us with ideas about how we could develop the Quiet of our concept.



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